Fiji Sun Online, 2nd September 2018

Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador, Dr Satyendra Prasad, has called on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to better understand, interpret and respond to new drivers of conflict and insecurity.

Ambassador Prasad made the statement while addressing the UNSC at its “Open Debate on Mediation and the Peaceful Resolution of Disputes” at the UN Headquarters in New York last week.

According to Ambassador Prasad, Fiji and many other small island states had found themselves on the frontlines of climate change, however not at their choosing.

“The impacts of climate change are well understood. What is less well understood are its consequences for conflict. As crops fail, coastal lands become less fertile, excessive and frequent rains wash away livelihoods, competition for land and resources become more intense. Families and communities are on the move as a result.”

He said these fuelled conflicts which were now becoming more intense and complex.

Ambassador Prasad added that marine resources was becoming scarce and conflicts between coastal communities, non-coastal communities and their governments was becoming prevalent and these always had the potential of creating conflict between States with women and children affected the most.

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