Fiji Sun Online, 10th November 2018

Transport is one of the fastest growing carbon emitting sectors in Fiji. Speciafically in the land and maritime sectors.

While speaking during the second day of the Pacific Island Transport forum yesterday, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Deputy Policy and Planning Lui Naisara said Fiji is taking the leading role in climate change but there is still a need to address decarbonisation.

The forum was held at the University of the South Pacific Japan ICT Centre, Laucala Bay Campus. Mr Naisara said by the end of the forum, participants will relook at how to find solutions that are appropriate, safe and accessible for not only the people but also the investors.

“In Fiji the focus will be on the land and maritime sector and how best to make use of the energy sector to help decrease carbon emission,” he said.

“We have a diverse group of participants at the end of this forum we will look at how best to take what we’ve learnt into practice.”

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