NDC Partnership, 24th July 2018

Event outlined national priorities for urgent and ambitious implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change through an NDC Partnership Plan to increase collaboration with domestic and global partners and helped lay out a long-term 2050 vision to reach net zero emissions and boost climate resilience

Majuro—The Republic of the Marshall Islands hosted a Partnership Dialogue on Climate Change on Monday to accelerate implementation of its nationally determined contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement by outlining priorities to mobilize domestic and global partners and align resources to the country’s most urgent needs as identified in its draft NDC Partnership Plan for climate action, and confirmed it will bring forward a new and more ambitious NDC by 2020. The event also helped lay the ground work for a long-term vision that builds on the country’s short-term goals, including through reaching net zero emissions by 2050 and boosting climate resilience. The Partnership Dialogue followed the country’s 2nd National Climate Change Dialogue last week, which brought together stakeholders and the public from across the island nation.

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