The Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) convened its first bi-annual Advisory Board meeting on 3 March 2022.  The meeting informed members of its progress for the period July- December 2021 including key priority activities for 2022.

The PCCC Advisory Board also nominated the Government of Samoa to be the new incoming Chair of the PCCC Advisory Board until 2024. Ms Desna Solofa, Assistant CEO for Samoa’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade thanked the Members of the Board and reaffirmed the support and commitment of the Government to work with the PCCC.

Ms ‘Ofa Ma’asi-Kaisamy, Manager of the PCCC, said that this year has kicked off to an exciting start with the successful completion of the Course on Enhancing Climate Resilience in Tourism in the Pacific (CBCRP-PCCC) delivered on 24 January - 18 February 2022. This was the first executive course to be delivered in both French and English. The aim is to extend the reach of the training program to French-speaking Pacific Territories.

The PCCC is also supporting awareness of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports and it will host a Pacific webinar to discuss the main findings of the latest IPCC AR6 WGII report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, on 10 March 2022 in partnership with the Australian National University. 

Ms Tagaloa Cooper-Halo, Director of the Climate Change Resilience Programme at SPREP, said that the Centre is a highly valued asset to the region and has the capability to continue to provide support to climate change priorities for the region.

The Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) is the regional Centre of excellence for climate change information, research and innovation, hosted at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Programme (SPREP) in Apia, Samoa. As a Centre of excellence, the PCCC is mandated to provide practical information, support, and training to address the adaptation and mitigation priorities of Pacific Island communities.

 The PCCC is underpinned by strong partnerships with Pacific Governments, applied research institutions, donors, civil society, and the private sector. The PCCC is a partnership between the Governments of Japan and Samoa. It is funded under grant aid through JICA for Samoa as the host country of SPREP. Additionally, the Centre receives generous funding and support from the Governments of New Zealand and Ireland.

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