As taken from the Climate Change Cook Islands Newsletter May, 2016

On the sidelines of the Brilliant Resilient Seminar, the Climate Change Cook Islands (CCCI) division held a one-day discussion with the public on Thursday 26 May to inform and raise the awareness amongst those in attendance of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The forum shared the objective of the GCF to assist countries like the Cook Islands to create a paradigm shift towards a low-emission, climate resilient economy.

Break out groups at the GCF workshop 26 May (Photo by Ana Tiraa)

The discussion and interaction between the GCF team and participants sparked interest throughout the day with questions and group work provided by participants from various areas of the community.

“This will not be the only opportunity to find out information about the GCF, it is CCCI’s intention to hold a number of discussions with stakeholders in the coming months following this seminar, the office will be in touch with key persons within the community to arrange for follow-up discussions,” -  Ana Tiraa, Director, Climate Change Cook Islands.’

By Ewan Cameron

Cook Islands