Fiji Times, 24th May 2018

A LONG-TERM plan is important in ensuring that Fiji has the resources to move towards decarbonisation, says head of climate change for the Ministry of Economy, Nilesh Prasad at the inaugural Low Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS) national workshop in Suva yesterday. The Government in partnership with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) hosted the one-day event. Mr Prasad said LEDS was Fiji’s approach to decarbonisation and based on long term plans, this would enhance the country’s national determined contributions (NCDs) in a programed manner.

“Essentially, this will be a long-term plan looking at a 2050 timeline and we need models on scenarios of how we can deeply decarbonise the Fijian economy by 2050,” Mr Prasad said.

“The approach the Fijian Government will be taking would base on sectorial approach — taking into account major sectors which are sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

“So we have to model and evaluate these sectors, assess them — see how they contribute and what’s their projectary like up to 2050. This is what the LEDS document will be about.

“In terms of timeline for completion of the LEDS document, we have met some stakeholders today (yesterday). This is an initial stage of consultation with them.”

He added major technical work would be undertaken involving various scenario models and evaluation options for decarbonisation.

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