Eager to hear the voices from our Pacific regional communities, the Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) is hosting a two-day virtual dialogue. Designed to enhance the key roles and functions of the PCCC for a resilient Pacific, this is virtual dialogue is scheduled for 26 -27 May.

It will be attended by over 100 participants from the Pacific region and abroad, including government leaders, research institution leaders, donor agencies, Pacific agencies, non-governmental organisations and more – with an open invitation across our Pacific islands region.

The Regional dialogue on “Pacific Climate Change Centre – Promise and Offer to Pacific Island Countries and Territories amid the pandemic” will be hosted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and is expected to inspire participants to engage with the PCCC in driving the climate agenda of their countries. 

SPREP Director General, Mr Kosi Latu, said, “The PCCC is uniquely placed as the regional centre of excellence for innovation, training and research on climate change in the Pacific,” he added. “It is an institutional broker for scientific knowledge that connects policymakers, practitioners, academics, advocates, entrepreneurs, communities, for innovative solutions  to address  climate change.” 

“The regional dialogue on the Pacific Climate Change Centre will provide an avenue to present on what the PCCC offers, and its services,” he said. 

Dedicated sessions across the two days will be curated to provide essential scientific knowledge and discussions in order for participants to act on climate agenda. A knowledge and collaboration platform will also be launched, which will include key actions by various organisations and individuals. 

The dialogue will be hosted through a blended platform – face to face for participants in Samoa to be held at the PCCC and virtually via Zoom for participants outside of Samoa. 

The PCCC is a partnership between the Government of Japan and Samoa. It is funded under a grant aid through the Japan International Cooperation Agency through Samoa as the host country of SPREP. 

The Centre will deliver capacity development programmes in adaptation, mitigation, climate services and project development, and will promote and foster applied research, drive innovation and build capacity in these areas. 

“Climate change impacts all of us, and as such our PCCC is designed to serve our Pacific islands region,” said Ms ‘Ofa Kaisamy, Manager of the PCCC at SPREP.

“As such we encourage you all to be a part of this Pacific wide conversation, your voice and thoughts are crucial to enhancing the services we provide you at the PCCC.”

It will also improve the flow of practical information between Meteorological services, climate practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, scientists and those implementing policies and projects, as well as providing a space for visiting researchers and experts to work from in order to provide support to and for the benefit of Pacific island countries and territories. 

Finally, the PCCC will bring together partners to find innovative solutions to the challenges that climate change presents. 

The Regional Dialogue on “Pacific Climate Change Centre – Promise and Offer to Pacific Island countries and territories amid the pandemic” will be held from 26 – 27 May 2021. 

For more information, please contact the Pacific Climate Change Centre team at [email protected]