Samoa Observer, 30th October 2018

The Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (A.O.S.I.S), Dr. Ali Naseer Mohamed called for Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S.) to believe in their own abilities and to forge their own destinies when it comes to development.

Mr. Mohamed is representing the Maldives in the inter-regional preparatory meeting for the mid-term review of the SAMOA Pathway, taking place this week at the T.A.T.T.E. Building, Apia. 

Mr. Mohamed is also the permanent representative of the Maldives to the United Nations, and the ambassador of the Maldives of the United States and Canada.  

Speaking with the Samoa Observer, Mr. Mohamed said for S.I.D.S., around the world like the Maldives, their two economic drivers are being eroded by environmental damage, which is not of their making.

“Take the Maldives for example. Our two main sectors are tourism and fisheries, both of which need the ocean of be clean, the beaches to be beautiful and the fish to thrive,” he said.

With the rapid degradation of the ocean’s health, the coastlines and the fish, the island nation requires massive investment to maintain the two sectors.

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