IAEA Website, 13th August 2018

Fiji, an IAEA Member State since 2012, is faced with specific sustainable development challenges that are common to small island developing States (SIDS), including high vulnerability to the impacts of climate change (such as ocean acidification, rising sea levels, increased soil salinity, dwindling groundwater resources and lower crop productivity), weak human health infrastructures, small economies of scale, and great distances between the islands of the archipelago.

A recent visit by an IAEA delegation to the South Pacific nation was carried out in July 2018, with a view to strengthening IAEA-Fiji collaboration in nuclear science and technology. The IAEA delegation, comprising the Director of the IAEA’s Division for Asia and the Pacific, Department of Technical Cooperation (TC), Najat Mokhtar, and the Director of the Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety, Peter Johnston, met with key Fijian political actors on a broad variety of topics regarding Fiji’s sustainable development in line with its Country Programme Framework for 2016-2021.

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