Fiji Sun Online, 22nd August 2018

The future for the voivoi plantation is looking bleak – Mikaele Liga

Climate change is having a big effect on the daily lives of Narikoso Villagers on Ono, Kadavu. The village, which is renowned throughout Kadavu for its voivoi (pandanus leaf) plantations has been severely affected by the rising sea levels. Voivoi is used by women in rural, remote and maritime areas in the weaving of mats.

However, rising seawater intrusion has meant that the villagers’ plantations are being slowly decimated. Retired primary school teacher Mikaele Liga explained during a tour to a voivoi plantation: “Seawater has been seeping into the voivoi plantation and it has affected the roots of the plants. Over time the salt water will kill the plants.”

Mr Liga said people from neighbouring villages and islands used to visit Narikoso and exchange fish and dalo for voivoi.

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