Samoa Observer, 4th November 2018

Despite the closure of a climate change-resilient crop growing project at Ulutogia, the villagers have agreed that it continues due to its connection to their long-term sustainability.  The project focused on planting crops that are resilient during periods of natural disasters including cyclones, with the project proponents focusing on umala (sweet potatoes), manioka (cassava), and ufi (yam).

While taro is one of the main staple crops in Samoa, Ulutogia villagers have agreed to switch and focus on umala (sweet potatoes). According to 48-year-old Tualemoso Faafetai, the villagers’ focus will now shift to growing sweet potatoes, as they already have five to six different varieties of the crop found in their village.

“In March (next year) we are going to have the first sweet potatoes harvest showcase in Samoa. We are trying to arrange for markets for our crops, which are also very exciting.

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