The KJIP is building on and intended to strengthen existing implementation, financing and monitoring functions by integrating them with climate change and disaster risk management considerations. In addition, it is designed to strengthen coordination and communication among the Office of te Beretitenti, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and line ministries as well as civil society and development partners.
The KJIP formalises the role of the newly established Kiribati National Expert Group on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management (KNEG) to become the main advisory body and coordination mechanism as well as the entry point for climate change and disaster risk management initiatives. Furthermore, it is intended that a KJIP Secretariat will be established, with the main roles of: facilitating KNEG meetings; reviewing and monitoring KJIP implementation together with responsible lead agencies; and communicating with the general public, Parliament, Cabinet, development partners and the international community. The KJIP Secretariat will be under the guidance of the Development Coordinating Committee.
The KJIP vision, goal, strategies and results will be disseminated by all implementing partners through existing information sharing networks, media and forums at international, regional, national and local levels. This work will align with the Kiribati Climate Change and Climate Risk Communications Strategy that is currently being finalized.
The KJIP will be monitored through the Kiribati Development Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (2012) in compliance with the Monitoring and Evaluation Policy. At the ministerial level, the KJIP strategies will be monitored through the annual Ministry Strategic Plans, which will have to incorporate relevant KJIP actions and outcome indicators. The KJIP is understood to be a living document and as such the KNEG can adjust it to meet emerging needs, to be approved by the Development Coordinating Committee.

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Office of te Beretitenti, Kiribati National Expert Group (KNEG)
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