The need for a climate change policy framework emerged as a major issue during several key discussions (June 2011; January 2012 and July 2012) between Palau government, NGOs and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Programmes: Global Climate Change Alliance: Pacific Small Island States (GCCA-PSIS) Project funded by the European Union, and the Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Islands Region (CCCPIR –GIZ) funded by the German Government. At the same time ROP government formally requested U.S. Government (USG) assistance in developing aClimate Change Strategy and Roadmap/Action Plan for implementation, however the funds for this were not made available until late 2013. In June 2012 – House Joint Resolution 8-68-13, HD1 - Urged a climate change committee to be formed to establish a clear policy and plan of action. It also calls for a high level ministerial level committee onClimate Change. In December 2012 the ROP government formally requested SPC assistance. This is being provided through GCCA: PSIS/CCCPIR as technical assistance for four consultancies, as well as through input of the CC Advisers based in Pohnpei. In addition, a request has been made for additional support for a national working group process using a logical framework approach to help identify sectoral or thematic priorities for inclusion in the CCPF and the JNAP which is to be supported through the EU SPC BSRP project.

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