PASO serves as a technical body providing Civil Aviation Authorities with the ability to carry out certification and other oversight activities around a wide range of aviation areas. While a resolution was passed by ICAO for states to reduce emissions levels and, while PASO supports states compliance with ICAO Standards and recommended practices (SARPS), such compliance with the ICAO international SARPS is attained through the national standards developed in response to these aviation regulations.

PASO has a strong focus on improving levels of compliance and meeting ICAO resolution obligations and will endeavour to encourage and assist states in the development of action plans toward this end. Furthermore, PASO will encourage and work with states to ensure cooperation, where possible, with other initiatives to lessen environmental impact. An example of this is improved route efficiencies associated with air navigation practices and routing aircraft through airspace designed to improve aircraft operational efficiencies and thereby reduce fuel use, resulting in the reduction of carbon emissions. 

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1.    Mr. Rob McLellan, Acting Senior Coordinator / Manager - [email protected] 

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