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RATIONALE: In Samoa a solution to the problem of increasing climate risks, particularly cyclone damage, is to develop housing based on indigenous knowledge, design, and materials. The housing design that proved most resilient through three recent cyclones was indigenous housing; one notable example named “Pousea” was constructed 80 years ago. This project aims to reinvigorate village-based practices in the crafting and construction of Samoan indigenous housing to create buildings that are safer, accessible, resilient, andsustainable. Along with efforts to increase skills at the village level there will be a public education strategy to increase awareness of growing climate risks and hazards. INNOVATION: Our indigenous knowledge is a critical resource of adaptation innovation that can be applied to village-based housing design and construction to prevent high levels of devastation caused by climatic disasters. Taking a village-based approach to the dual problems of climate risks and housing will lead to solutions that make sense within village-based systems.

Project Status
Start Date
Monday, February 6, 2023
End Date
Monday, February 6, 2023
Project Type
Total Funding
Project Scope
Project Objectives

1) To recover indigenous cultural knowledge held by Samoan elders about housing and climate , and to apply this design and construction practices of Samoan indigenous housing in order to inform the development of safer, accessible, resilient, and sustainable housing.