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To support the protection of Kimbe Bay’s abundant biodiversity from the effects of climate change and human threats by raising awareness about the marine environment and impacts of climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Project Summary
Kimbe Bay, which hosts over half the world’s species of hard corals (413) and over 900 species of fish, is considered a Key Biodiversity Area1. Almost half of the globally threatened species in the East Melanesian Islands Hotspot are reef-building corals. Threats to reefs are well known and include everything from climate change (especially ocean acidification) to local human impacts.

In Kimbe Bay, high population growth has put pressure on the marine environment. Communities use marine resources for food (fish, invertebrates), a phenomenon which has intensified with a growing population. Additionally, the water quality in Kimbe Bay has been deteriorating due to runoff from lands cleared for homesteads or agriculture. There is a need for youth to understand the pressing issues of overfishing, food security and health so they will understand the consequences of marine biodiversity loss.

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21 months
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