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Solomon Islands will be pushing for more global cooperation at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, COP23, in Bonn, Germany. | 15-Nov-2017
Solomon Islands has again pledged unwavering solidarity with the Government and people of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in its noble quest for participation in the | 31-Oct-2017
PAPAGU, Solomon Islands (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Three years ago, thousands of farmers living on the flat fertile plains of Guadalcanal, the largest island in this South Pacific nation, watched their homes and crops washed away by the strongest torrential rain and flooding they had ever seen. | 27-Oct-2017
The World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) Secretary-General, Professor Petteri Taalas addressed the delegates of the 4th Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC) during his mission in Honiara, Solomon Islands. | 26-Oct-2017
The media is completely ignoring the fact that unless we do something right now to fundamentally change what fuels our economy, it actually will be the end of the world as know it. | 25-May-2016
Aerial and Satellite images show rising sea levels have caused five islands in the Solomons in the South Pacific to completely disappear, the first scientific evidence that confirms the dramatic impact of climate change on low-lying islands. | 11-May-2016
Sea-level rise, erosion and coastal flooding are some of the greatest challenges facing humanity from climate change. | 11-May-2016
A unique partnership between the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service (SIMS), Red Cross and the National Disaster Management Office has been establish | 31-Mar-2016
Learning how to conduct an interview, prepare press releases and build relationships with the media were all part of the training conducted for the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services (SIMS) in Honiara this month. | 31-Mar-2016

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