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The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo- | 28-Nov-2017
Update: 6:11PM -  AN ocean science training and stakeholder engagement workshop held in Tonga this week has encouraged the Tonga Meteorological Service to develop a monthly Ocean Outlook to provide critical ocean information and forecasts to the public. | 27-Nov-2017
SPREP was invited to participate in the 9thresearch dialogue during the international | 25-May-2017
Members of the Media Association of Vanuatu are attending the | 30-Mar-2017
THE first-ever certificate level course in | 28-Feb-2017
To help Fijian scientists track oceanic climate change for their islands in the sun, Cornell’s Bruce Monger unveils eyes in the sky: satellite remote sensing. | 22-Feb-2017
As taken from the Climate Change Cook Islands Newsletter May, 2016 | 24-Jun-2016
Deputy Secretary for Education, Kelera Taloga says people should not just be coping with the immediate impacts of | 11-May-2016
Government agencies, NGOs and stakeholder representatives gathered at Nadi's Novotel Hotel last Thursday to discuss the UNDP's Pacific risk resilience program (PRRP). | 10-May-2016
The Line Islands Group in Kiribati is two hours ahead of the capital Tarawa where the Kiribati Meteorological Service (KMS) is based.  As such, the timely preparation of weather bulletins, in particular, weather warnings need to factor in this time difference. | 28-Apr-2016
Wanting to make a positive difference in the world is one thing, knowing the best way to make that difference is another, yet for the Kingdom of Tonga this ‘best way’ seems to have been found and is being put to use. | 30-Mar-2016

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