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Fiji Times Online 28th February 2018
NAZHAT Shameem, chief negotiator for the Fijian delegation at the Conference of the Parties in Bonn, Germany in November 2017 has been removed from the post for the duration of the Fijian presidency.
| 02-Mar-2018
Fiji Sun Online 21st February 2018
Shalvi Shakshi and Timoci Naulusala, our young climate change champions, have been assured that their voices will be heard by their peers and leaders in the Commonwealth.
| 23-Feb-2018
CONSERVATION and agriculture officers from around the country were reminded of the valuable knowledge and the importance of the land care concept. | 08-Feb-2018
Fiji Times, 26th January 2018 | 29-Jan-2018
Fiji Sun Online 26th January 2018
New development initiatives, if unchecked, can pose harm to people and reduce the intended good.
| 29-Jan-2018
Fiji Times Friday, January 26, 2018 | 29-Jan-2018

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