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Samoa Observer, 4th November 2018
A project that assisted villagers to grow climate change-resilient crops has closed after a six-month implementation program.
| 08-Nov-2018
Samoa Observer, 4th November 2018 | 08-Nov-2018
SPC Website, 31st October 2018
Seven hundred years. That’s the time the Mont-Dore forest in New Caledonia will need to regenerate, after a bush fire destroyed most of it last year.
| 05-Nov-2018
Pacific Standard, 24th October 2018
Logging in the Solomon Islands, a small country of 667,000 people in the South Pacific, is decimating natural forests there at around 19 times the rate considered sustainable, the watchdog non-governmental organization Global Witness has found.
| 30-Oct-2018
Pacific Scoop, 17th October 2018
Press Release – FAO
| 22-Oct-2018
Marianas Variety, 14th September 2018
RICHARD Brooks of Lightning Strikes Production in Palau said  one way to mitigate the impact of climate change on Micronesian aquaculture is to have it in protected coastal areas.
| 17-Sep-2018
Solomon Times Online, 5th September 2018 | 07-Sep-2018
Fiji Times, 29th August 2018
THE impact of climate change on the sugarcane sector means that the introduction and implementation of irrigation must be made a priority, says the Fiji Sugar Corporation.
| 04-Sep-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 22nd August 2018
The future for the voivoi plantation is looking bleak – Mikaele Liga
| 31-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 3rd June 2018
Principal Agricultural Officer Paula Tuione has been im­pressed with Korotari vege­table farmers for honestly making use of the Farms-CARE initiative.
| 25-Jul-2018
Cook Islands News, 21st May 2018 | 10-Jul-2018
Samoa Observer, 21st May 2018 | 10-Jul-2018
New Zealand Herald, 26th May 2018
Eight Northlanders are among a group of Pacific people discussing ways of protecting indigenous food sources and passing that knowledge to youth.
| 10-Jul-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 20th May | 10-Jul-2018
Loop, 20th May 2018 | 10-Jul-2018
Fiji Sun Online 15th May 2018 | 18-May-2018
Scoop World 12th May 2018
Asia-Pacific fisheries focus on resilience and sustainable blue growth
| 18-May-2018
Relief Web 30th April 2018 | 09-May-2018
Fiji Sun Online 27th April 2018 | 03-May-2018
Fiji Sun Online 26th April 2018
Memorandum includes forest and land rehabilitation, wildlife and plant protection, use of wood and non-wood products, promote trade in forest products.
| 03-May-2018
Samoa Observer 16th April 2018 | 17-Apr-2018

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