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On Wednesday 24 April, excited members of the Nanikai community gathered to their community hall in Tarawa atoll, Kiribati to participate in the New Zealand Pacific Partnership | 04-Jun-2019
SPREP Website, 28th September 2018 | 05-Oct-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 1st August 2018 | 08-Aug-2018
Fiji Times Online, 1st April 2018
Fiji is set to lose $2.4 billion per annum from 2050 onwards as a result of our depleting marine ecosystem.
| 10-Apr-2018
12th March 2018 RNZ
The rapid depletion of coral reefs could prove more damaging for small islands than sea level rise, according to recently published research.
| 14-Mar-2018
The rising acidity of the oceans threatens coral reefs by making it harder for corals to build their skeletons. | 06-Feb-2018
A paper published in Nature Climate Change today has revealed the importance of regional differences in sea surface temperature variability in determining the global distribution of coral bleaching risk. | 01-Nov-2017
LONDON - All sea life will be affected because carbon dioxide emissions from modern society are making the oceans more acidic, a major new report will say. The eight-year study from more than 250 scientists finds that infant sea creatures will be especially harmed. | 27-Oct-2017
When San Diego State University biologists Walt Oechel and Donatella Zona and several SDSU graduate students visited a coral reef off Tafeu Cove in American Samoa this past summer, they expected the bay’s relative remoteness from humanity would have protected the reef from the dangers of sewage runoff and waterborne toxins. | 27-Oct-2017
Earlier this month the Pacific Ecosystem-based | 28-Apr-2017
The Small Islands Developing States championed the cause of the oceans in the new Sustainable Development Goals, led by the Pacific, and successfully fough | 23-Feb-2017
The people of Kiribati are working to take action against | 23-Feb-2017
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina announced $1,094,205 in grant assistance to address the impacts of | 18-May-2016
COLUMBIA — Craig Welch said he didn't exactly know what he was getting himself into when he went fishing with two Papua New Guinea natives in an area that was notorious for sharks.  | 04-May-2016
The island of Kiritimati is one of the world’s most remote places — one of several dozen atolls making up the tiny island nation of Kiribati, a speck in the Pacific Ocean more than a thousand miles south of Hawaii. But, isolated as it is, news of its devastated coral is turning heads around the world. | 22-Apr-2016

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