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Pacific Scoop, 17th October 2018
Press Release – FAO
| 22-Oct-2018
Solomon Times Online, 5th September 2018 | 07-Sep-2018
Scoop World 12th May 2018
Asia-Pacific fisheries focus on resilience and sustainable blue growth
| 18-May-2018
12 March 2018 RNZ | 14-Mar-2018
Despite having some of the world’s smallest carbon footprints, | 13-Jul-2017
Some of the world’s poorest countries will be hit hardest as | 27-Jun-2017
RISKS to the Tuvalu economic outlook relate to the effects of climate change, volatility in fishing revenues, and volatile global financial conditions, which could affect distributions to the budget from the country's Trust Fund. | 11-Oct-2016
In a bid to formulate sustainable development plans, seven communities in the Nacula District in the Yasawas are currently undergoing consultations. | 08-Jun-2016
The vulnerability of Pacific islands to | 28-Apr-2016
PALIKIR, Pohnpei (Press Release) — Nine governments across Micronesia convened from April 6-7, 2016 at a workshop in Palikir, Federated States of Micronesia to discuss how to work col | 20-Apr-2016
Pressure is mounting on the UN shipping body to develop a | 20-Apr-2016
NOAA Coral Reef Watch coral bleaching alerts for 29 March 2016. | 31-Mar-2016
Launch of new Whole of Island Approach Synthesis report for Abaiang Atoll in Kiribati
Complex information gathered during an assessment of Abaiang atoll in Kiribati has been simplified with the support of USAID into a new, easy to understand publication for communities, schools and non-technical audiences.
| 31-Mar-2016

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