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SPC Website, 31st October 2018
Seven hundred years. That’s the time the Mont-Dore forest in New Caledonia will need to regenerate, after a bush fire destroyed most of it last year.
| 05-Nov-2018
Pacific Standard, 24th October 2018
Logging in the Solomon Islands, a small country of 667,000 people in the South Pacific, is decimating natural forests there at around 19 times the rate considered sustainable, the watchdog non-governmental organization Global Witness has found.
| 30-Oct-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 22nd August 2018
The future for the voivoi plantation is looking bleak – Mikaele Liga
| 31-Aug-2018
Loop, 20th May 2018 | 10-Jul-2018
Fiji Sun Online 26th April 2018
Memorandum includes forest and land rehabilitation, wildlife and plant protection, use of wood and non-wood products, promote trade in forest products.
| 03-May-2018
Samoa Observer 16th April 2018 | 17-Apr-2018
Samoa Observer 29th March 2018
World Water and Forests Day was celebrated in Samoa on Tuesday.
| 10-Apr-2018
21st March 2018 RNZ | 06-Apr-2018
A common thread of the ‘Readiness Week’ of training to help direct access entities in developing their project ideas was  the hands-on approach and the fostering of collaboration and partnerships among National Designated Authority’s and Accredited Entities (AEs). | 31-May-2016
The Shefa Education Office will soon be rolling out its newly launched forestry | 21-Apr-2016

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