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The Twenty-Sixth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP26) has been postponed.
| 06-Apr-2020
We live in unprecedented times where it is not just the Pacific region but the whole world that sits on the cusp of a new threat that we have not encountered before. Now more than ever, our resiliency as a Pacific people is our solid foundation to empower us all to take the right actions.
| 06-Apr-2020
The importance of communicating “resilience” and what it means to the people of the Pacific was the focus of discussions which took place amongst a technical working group which met this week at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) headquarters in Apia, Samoa.
| 27-Mar-2020
The recently released World Economic Forum report “Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2019” has provided a snapshot of the most likely scenarios the world is facing in relation to | 04-Jun-2019
On Wednesday 24 April, excited members of the Nanikai community gathered to their community hall in Tarawa atoll, Kiribati to participate in the New Zealand Pacific Partnership | 04-Jun-2019
23 May, 2019, Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Having a national Meteorological Service - what some may take for granted, Nauru has worked hard to achieve with rewards reaped this month with Nauru announced as the 193rd member of the | 28-May-2019
21 May 2019, Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Just last week in the presence of the | 28-May-2019
Fiji Sun Online, 10th November 2018
Transport is one of the fastest growing carbon emitting sectors in Fiji. Speciafically in the land and maritime sectors.
| 14-Nov-2018
Samoa Observer, 7th November 2018
Representatives from 11 Pacific Island countries are gathering at the Orator Hotel in Aleisa for a three-day International Labour Organisation workshop. 
| 14-Nov-2018
Issued on 05 October 2018 | 12-Nov-2018
Nearly 100 delegates from Pacific Island Countries, CROP agencies, the world’s leading providers in satellite Earth Observation (EO) data, CSIRO, and the governments of Australia, the | 12-Nov-2018
In 2019, stakeholders and development partners will be able to access | 12-Nov-2018
The Pacific iCLIM project were invited to present at the | 12-Nov-2018 | 12-Nov-2018
Research priorities identified by decision-makers for IPCC Sixth Assessment Report | 12-Nov-2018
FIji Sun Online, 7th November 2018 | 08-Nov-2018
Samoa Observer, 4th November 2018
A project that assisted villagers to grow climate change-resilient crops has closed after a six-month implementation program.
| 08-Nov-2018
Samoa Observer, 4th November 2018 | 08-Nov-2018
Samoa Observer, 3rd November 2018
The International Labour Organisation (I.L.O.) will be furthering its relationship with Samoa by providing technical help and training with careers in climate change.
| 05-Nov-2018
Fiji Times, 2nd November 2018
FIJI is ranked as the 16 most at risk country to natural hazards in the UN World Risk Index.
| 05-Nov-2018
Fiji Times, 2nd November 2018 | 05-Nov-2018
Red, Green and Blue Website, 1st November 2018 | 05-Nov-2018
Papua New Guinea Post Courier, 2nd November 2018 | 05-Nov-2018