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On Wednesday 24 April, excited members of the Nanikai community gathered to their community hall in Tarawa atoll, Kiribati to participate in the New Zealand Pacific Partnership | 04-Jun-2019
Fiji Sun Online, 10th November 2018
Transport is one of the fastest growing carbon emitting sectors in Fiji. Speciafically in the land and maritime sectors.
| 14-Nov-2018
Human Nature, 28th October 2018
Off the coast of a remote island in the South Pacific, a team of scientists and volunteers recently gathered on a boat to hear this year’s hit song.
| 30-Oct-2018
SPREP Website, 28th September 2018 | 05-Oct-2018
Cook Island News, 13th August 2018
“This season is incredibly strange, and we don’t know exactly why,” said Hauser. “It’s started out slow this year – we’ve only really actually seen 20 whales.
“Last year we had the best season we’ve ever had here in 25 years. We had almost 500 sightings – it was unreal.”
| 31-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 1st August 2018 | 08-Aug-2018
SDG Knowledge Hub, 5th July 2018 | 27-Jul-2018
Readers Digest
Around the world, many islands are slowly but surely being submerged. You’re running out of time to see these beauties before they disappear into the deep blue sea. 
Read more
| 23-Jul-2018
Human Nature, 28th May 2018
Out of sight, out of mind.
When people don’t see the way that oceans could be — full of life and color — they forget.
| 23-Jul-2018
RNZ 9th April 2018 | 11-Apr-2018
Fiji Times Online, 1st April 2018
Fiji is set to lose $2.4 billion per annum from 2050 onwards as a result of our depleting marine ecosystem.
| 10-Apr-2018
01st March 2018
Pacific history was made with the very first Pacific Ministerial Shark Symposium opening in Samoa yesterday, demonstrating global leadership from the island region in protecting and conserving Pacific sharks and rays.
| 06-Mar-2018
RNZ, 15th February 2018
With sea levels rising dramatically as a result of climate change, low-lying Tuvalu is often considered to be sinking.
| 19-Feb-2018
31 January 2018
CHANGES in the marine ecosystem and fish poisoning are the result of climate change in Fiji and the South Pacific.
| 06-Feb-2018
During the Global | 15-Nov-2017 | 11-Jul-2017
By Samisoni Pareti, Senior Editor, Islands Business in New York
| 11-Jul-2017
By Makereta Komai, PACNEWS Editor in New York
| 11-Jul-2017
By Samisoni Pareti, Senior Editor, Islands Business in New York
| 11-Jul-2017
Earlier this month the Pacific Ecosystem-based | 28-Apr-2017
Pacific island people rely heavily on ecosystem services and natural resources to support their national economies and community livelihoods. | 28-Apr-2017

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