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On Wednesday 24 April, excited members of the Nanikai community gathered to their community hall in Tarawa atoll, Kiribati to participate in the New Zealand Pacific Partnership | 04-Jun-2019
RNZ, 15th October 2018
Tuvalu has received a new wave forecasting system to help predict tides and sea surges across its nine atolls. The high resolution modelling system and equipment were handed over to the Tuvalu government by the Pacific Community at a ceremony in Tuvalu this week.
| 22-Oct-2018
Scoop World, 16th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
Scoop World, 16th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
Fiji Times. 7th October 2018
FROM a distance it looked like a jewel nestled in a majestic harbour, garlanded by the white sandy beaches and the mountainous terrain that make a perfect backdrop on a portrait.
| 18-Oct-2018
RNZ, 21st September 2018 | 01-Oct-2018
The Atlantic, 15th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
Living on Earth, 23rd June 2018
Nine-year-old Izerman calls his home, the Marshall Islands, "the only place that I would ever live in if I had to choose.”
That line could come from any one of the approximate 25,000 people under the age of 18 who live there.
| 26-Jul-2018
Readers Digest
Around the world, many islands are slowly but surely being submerged. You’re running out of time to see these beauties before they disappear into the deep blue sea. 
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| 23-Jul-2018
Maui Time 27th April 2018
People who live on low-lying atolls in the Pacific like Roi-Namur in the Republic of the Marshall Islands may have to evacuate due to rising sea level in as little as 12 years, according to a new study by researchers from the USGS, NOAA and the University of Hawai‘i’s International Pacific Research Center.
| 09-May-2018
9th March 2018 Samoa Observer | 12-Mar-2018
4th March 2018 Fiji Times Online
"Tou qito (let's play)," we heard a child say, as her voice echoed across the village lawn of Vunisavisavi in Cakaudrove.
Echoes of laughter and excitement charged the atmosphere as children played and enjoyed the beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon by the shore.
| 06-Mar-2018
3rd March 2018 Fiji Times Online
VILLAGERS on the island of Ogea in the southern Lau Group believe relocating their village because of the effects of climate change is a harsh solution.
| 06-Mar-2018
SUVA, FIJI — Vulnerable communities uprooted by climate change are being left out of a voluntary pact to deal with migration, campaigners said, after the United States pulled out of the global deal. | 08-Dec-2017
MAJURO (Taiwan News) – In May 2016, the Reuters news service reported findings from Australian researchers that five small islands of the Solomon Islands had disappeared because of rising sea level and erosion; these submerged islands were, fortunately, uninhabited by human beings. | 01-Dec-2017
AMBO, Kiribati—Taneti Maamau, president of the Republic of Kiribati, leans forward from his office desk at Parliament, clasps his hands, and grins. "We try to isolate ourselves from the belief that Kiribati will be drowned," he says. "The ultimate decision is God's." | 22-Nov-2017
A LARGE swath of Pacific Island nations are slowly being eaten away until residents will be forced to evacuate and the islands eventually | 15-Nov-2017
Editors Note: This is a running series documenting four UNC student's experience at the COP 23 in Bonn, Germany. See the first entry here. 
By Mark Ortiz
| 10-Nov-2017
New Zealand is considering creating a new visa for people fleeing environmental disasters brought on by climate change. | 10-Nov-2017
Five islands in the Solomon Islands have submerged underwater and six more have experienced a dramatic reduction in shoreline due to man-made climate change. | 10-Nov-2017
Numerous low-lying Pacific islands have disappeared under rising seas | 10-Nov-2017

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