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On Wednesday 24 April, excited members of the Nanikai community gathered to their community hall in Tarawa atoll, Kiribati to participate in the New Zealand Pacific Partnership | 04-Jun-2019
Devdiscourse, 28th September 2018 | 02-Oct-2018
RNZ 23rd April 2018
Samoa's prime minister has welcomed the focus of the Commonwealth on vulnerable member states affected by climate change.
| 01-May-2018
Fiji Times Online 28th March 2018
A study released by OXFAM International revealed between January to September last year about 14.12 million people globally had been displaced as a result of extreme weather patterns.
| 09-Apr-2018
31st January 2018
Size usually speaks volumes when it comes to moxie. The United States, Russia, China and even Canada with its sprawling landscape, are countries we think of as having the ability to change political mindset.
But tiny New Zealand?
| 06-Feb-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 26th January, 2018
The vehicles will be given to the Western, Central and Northern Divisions for activities at the seven project sites.
| 29-Jan-2018
Five of the world’s top 15 countries vulnerable to | 14-Dec-2017
Civil society leaders from more than 100 countries called for action on | 11-Dec-2017
SUVA, FIJI — Vulnerable communities uprooted by climate change are being left out of a voluntary pact to deal with migration, campaigners said, after the United States pulled out of the global deal. | 08-Dec-2017
One of U.S.' nuclear waste sites, located in Enewetak Atoll, west of the Marshall Islands, which is halfway between Australia and Hawaii and home to a small population of Indigenous people is being submerged leading to leaks from the buried toxic waste, Australia's ABC News reported. | 06-Dec-2017
AMBO, Kiribati—Taneti Maamau, president of the Republic of Kiribati, leans forward from his office desk at Parliament, clasps his hands, and grins. "We try to isolate ourselves from the belief that Kiribati will be drowned," he says. "The ultimate decision is God's." | 22-Nov-2017
New Zealand is considering creating a new visa for people fleeing environmental disasters brought on by climate change. | 10-Nov-2017
Peeking just above the surface of the Pacific Ocean is the island nation of Tuvalu, all 10 square miles of it. With a population of 11,000 who live an average of 6 feet above sea level, it is not only one of the smallest nations in the world but among the most vulnerable because of rising sea levels. | 08-Nov-2017
‘Climate Science’, ‘Climate Change Information’, ‘Vulnerability and Risk’, ‘Sectoral Assessment’, ‘Cocoa farming’, ‘Stakeholder engagement’, ‘Capacity Development’ and the ‘Solomon Islands Meteorological Service’ were just some of the key terms highlighted, discussed, linked and explained during the recent DFAT-funded workshop in Honiara held in the week leading up to the PM | 19-Sep-2017
Our Pacific Journey to UNFCCC COP23, Message from SPREP Director General, Mr Kosi Latu. | 28-Jul-2017
In recent years, the world has become increasingly preoccupied with the catastrophic potential of global warming and other human-induced environmental changes, and rightly so. But one of the most serious risks has been all but ignored: the threat to human health. | 18-Jul-2017
Despite having some of the world’s smallest carbon footprints, | 13-Jul-2017
High tide keeps getting higher on the islands of the Republic of Kiribati – 33 coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean that rest only a few feet above sea level. | 13-Jul-2017
CANCUN, Mexico (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Pacific island nation of Kiribati is in dire need of aid as drought pushes it closer to declaring a state of emergency and it struggles with rising seas and other effects of | 30-May-2017
After almost two years of preparation, the students of Skagway School’s Climate Change Project made the trip to the Marshall Islands to see the effects a changing world has on that nation. | 09-May-2017

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