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Fiji Times, 2nd November 2018
FIJI is ranked as the 16 most at risk country to natural hazards in the UN World Risk Index.
| 05-Nov-2018
RNZ, 28th September 2018 | 02-Oct-2018
Devdiscourse, 28th September 2018 | 02-Oct-2018
Tonga Ministry of Information and Communications Website, 17th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
RNZ, 20th June 2018 | 25-Jul-2018
Fiji Times, 11th June 2018 | 25-Jul-2018
Fiji Times, 4th June 2018
DIGGING drains is not the answer to addressing the flooding problem around the country. Minister for Waterways Dr Mahendra Reddy says flooding, or waterlogging of low-lying areas and overflowing of rivers and creeks were generally associated with excessive rainfall induced runoff which were beyond conveyance capacity of drains and rivers.
| 25-Jul-2018
Radio NZ, 31st May 2018 | 24-Jul-2018
PIFS Press Release, 28th April 2018
Koror, Palau (April 25, 2018) – Strengthening the economic resilience of the Blue Pacific region is the focus of the Pacific Islands Forum Economic Ministers Meeting (FEMM) this week in Palau.
| 27-Jun-2018
Fiji Sun Online 15th May 2018 | 18-May-2018
Relief Web 26th April 2018
Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 26 April 2018
| 03-May-2018
Fiji Sun Online 11th April 2018 | 17-Apr-2018
ReliefWeb 8th April 2018
WFP/Government of the Marshall Islands News Release
| 11-Apr-2018
Samoa Observer 8th April 2018 | 11-Apr-2018
7th March 2018 Fiji Times Online | 12-Mar-2018
4th March 2018 Scoop World
APEC Enhances Warning Systems as Disaster Records Shatter
Issued by the APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group
| 06-Mar-2018
Pacific Scoop 21st February 2018 | 23-Feb-2018
ReliefWeb 21st February 2018 | 23-Feb-2018
Samoa Observer 19th February 2018 | 23-Feb-2018
RNZ 20th February 2018 | 20-Feb-2018
Anglicantaonga, 14th February 2018 | 19-Feb-2018

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