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KOROR (Pacific Note/Pacnews) — Leaders and their representatives from the Small Island States gathered in Palau on Thursday for a two-day meeting to set key issues and address the particular needs of the group. | 30-Jun-2016
Barack Obama has declared the severe drought in the Marshall Islands a disaster, opening the way for emergency US funding for the Pacific island nation. | 29-Apr-2016
Communication to the two outer islets of Ribono and Nuotaea in Abaiang, Kiribati can be  extremely challenging as information, especially when there are weather warnings in effect, tends to be mainly received through radio and word of mouth when people travel in between the islands.  | 28-Apr-2016
Fiji's ‘Help for Homes' initiative in extending financial assistance for homeowners to rebuild their homes post cyclone Winston was announced | 21-Apr-2016
"Access to safe drinking water is our priority" says Kevin de Brum, a leader of the Jenrok community on Majuro Atoll.  "God will not forsake us because we are his children and he loves | 29-Feb-2016

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