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Three Wesleyan students joined hundreds of | 11-Dec-2012
The Eighteenth Conference of the Parties (COP-18) of the | 11-Dec-2012
The BMW Group continued the long lasting involvement in the UN | 11-Dec-2012
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 10, 2012) – 10,000 Vanuatu farmers are to get assistance as the country improves its ability to cope with natural disasters. | 11-Dec-2012
The inability of nations to cooperatively meet the scale of | 11-Dec-2012
DOHA, QATAR, December 7, 2012 - Products from the global chemical industry play an important role in achieving substantial energy and | 10-Dec-2012
Ten thousand Vanuatu farmers are to get assistance as the country improves its ability to cope with natural disasters. | 10-Dec-2012
By the end of the first week of UN | 10-Dec-2012
Ten students and a teacher from Malapoa College have shown their support towards combatting climate change by planting 126 seeds and young mangrove plants at Tanoliu Village, at the northern part of Efate. | 10-Dec-2012
DOHA, Qatar — The annual United Nations climat | 09-Dec-2012
DOHA, Qatar Seeking to control global warming, nearly 200 countries agreed Saturday to extend the | 09-Dec-2012
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| 09-Dec-2012
AFTER days of discussions, Fiji negotiators have successfully concluded a new work program at the UN Framework Convention on | 09-Dec-2012
DOHA - Disagreements over how to help poor nations cope with everything from floods to rising seas pushed marathon U.N. climate change talks among almost 200 countries close to failure on Saturday. | 09-Dec-2012
"We do not expect a deal for at least several more hours," said the official closely involved in the talks as a new day dawned on the meeting that saw haggling continue throughout the night. | 09-Dec-2012
The 18th U.N. climate change summit closes Friday after two weeks, having just about lived up to low expectations. Delegates from 194 nations met in Doha to sluggishly hammer out agreements intended ... | 09-Dec-2012
As COP18 gets underway in Doha (26 November – 7 December) there is a distinct sense of Déjà vu – or that we have been here before. Many of the issues that have been negotiated during the past 17 | 09-Dec-2012
Unlike previous UN | 09-Dec-2012
The Global CCS Institute hosted a side event on Tuesday, 4 December at the Diplomatic Club at which a white paper on CCS - Perspectives on Carbon Capture and Storage - was publicly released. ... | 09-Dec-2012
In theory the slew of recent | 09-Dec-2012
(Reuters) - Almost 200 nations extended a weakened | 09-Dec-2012