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CoP18, Doha, December 5, 2012: “In Doha, there is a general sense of agreement on the principal of equity per se. The challenge now will be to make the world agree on operationalising equity – 
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| 06-Dec-2012
Durban’s COP17 last year were a big moment in | 06-Dec-2012
The Plurinational State of Bolivia continues its defense of Mother Earth and the Rights of Nature. Making a passionate appeal for real | 06-Dec-2012
WITH the impact of climate change taking its toll on small island states, there is a need for increased awareness at community level. | 06-Dec-2012
DOHA, Qatar — The United Nations climate conference here has settled into its typical doldrums, with most major questions unresolved as a Friday evening deadline for concluding the talks approaches. | 05-Dec-2012
DOHA, Qatar — The | 05-Dec-2012
There is growing frustration at the slow pace of talks at the | 05-Dec-2012
Washington, Dec. 5 (ANI): Rising sea level is putting island nations such as Nauru, the world's smallest independent republic on the verge of disappearing.
"The weather patterns were predictable," foreign minister of Nauru Kieren Keke said.
| 05-Dec-2012
Wellington – The low-lying Pacific nation of Kiribati is running out of time on | 05-Dec-2012
DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Rich countries are to blame for | 05-Dec-2012
The September 2012 sea ice minimum in the Arctic highlighted once again that the effects of | 05-Dec-2012
The rising sea level is a major threat to island countries like Nauru in Micronesia or the Marshall Islands in the northern Pacific Ocean. Some of them are bound to disappear, unless tough actions are taken by industrialized countries to limit emissions and curb the warming of the planet. | 05-Dec-2012
A new report, released in Doha, “Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict in South Asia,” examines the role of | 05-Dec-2012
| 05-Dec-2012
Doha (Qatar), 4 December 2012 – Island communities in the Pacific Ocean are facing unprecedented challenges to their economies and | 05-Dec-2012
DOHA, Dec 4 (KUNA) -- The high-level meetings of the 18th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on | 05-Dec-2012
Hydroelectricity's role in the global energy mix was emphasized earlier today by the International Hydropower Association during the | 05-Dec-2012
DOHA, Dec 4 (KUNA) -- Speakers at the ongoing high-level segment of the 18th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP-18) voiced hope that the gathering will chart a road map for curbing the climate change. | 04-Dec-2012
Taipei, Dec. 4 (CNA) Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Deputy Minister Yeh Shin-cheng said Tuesday that carbon trading schemes are at the top of the priority list for Taiwan. | 04-Dec-2012
China will increase its investment and the number of programs to expand South-South Cooperation by helping other developing countries tackle | 04-Dec-2012
3 December 2012: The December 2012 issue of the Micronesia Challenge Newsletter, published by the Micronesia Challenge Secretariat, provides a round-up of the key developments in each of the 11 prior monthly issues of the newsletter. | 04-Dec-2012
DOHA (AlertNet) - U.N. | 04-Dec-2012
DOHA - As senior government officials from nearly 200 countries gathered in Doha for the high level | 04-Dec-2012
Kieren Keke remembers growing up on the Pacific island of Nauru, the world's smallest independent republic. | 04-Dec-2012