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Fiji Sun Online, 21st July 2018 | 27-Jul-2018
Samoa Observer, 21st July 2018
Samoa has become the first country in the Pacific to install battery energy storage systems and micro grid controller. 
| 27-Jul-2018
Pacific Standard, 20th July 2018 | 27-Jul-2018, 19th July 2018
By Matariki Wilson, Cook Islands Red Cross
| 27-Jul-2018
SPREP, 17th July 2018 | 27-Jul-2018
RNZ, 19th July 2018
An ecological project in Vanuatu has been helping people adapt to new laws brought in to save the country's marine and terrestrial environments.
| 27-Jul-2018
Scoop World, 11th July 2018 | 27-Jul-2018
SDG Knowledge Hub, 5th July 2018 | 27-Jul-2018
RNZ, 3rd July 2018 | 27-Jul-2018
RNZ, 2nd July 2018
The Kiribati Government has criticised a film documenting the nation's struggles with climate change, saying it does not follow ethical standards.
| 27-Jul-2018
Greenleft Weekly, 28th June 2018 | 27-Jul-2018, 27th June 2018 | 26-Jul-2018
Solomon Star, 28th June 2018

AN ELDER from Lord Howe in the outer islands of Malaita province has called on the government through its responsible ministry to consider installing relevant apparatus to help record weather situations in their islands.
| 26-Jul-2018
Scoop World, 27th June 2018 | 26-Jul-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 27th June 2018 | 26-Jul-2018
Asia Pacific Report, 25th June 2018
INTERVIEW: Lars Ursin of 2°C talks to Elisabeth Holland
| 26-Jul-2018
Living on Earth, 23rd June 2018
Nine-year-old Izerman calls his home, the Marshall Islands, "the only place that I would ever live in if I had to choose.”
That line could come from any one of the approximate 25,000 people under the age of 18 who live there.
| 26-Jul-2018
Solomon Star, 22 June 2018
PEOPLE of the Lord Howe atolls in Malaita are calling on the Government through its responsible line ministries to visit them,to see first-hand the effects of the Climate Change to their lives.
| 26-Jul-2018