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Fiji Sun Online, 13th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
Cook Island News, 13th August 2018
“This season is incredibly strange, and we don’t know exactly why,” said Hauser. “It’s started out slow this year – we’ve only really actually seen 20 whales.
“Last year we had the best season we’ve ever had here in 25 years. We had almost 500 sightings – it was unreal.”
| 31-Aug-2018
Samoa Observer, 11th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
UNDP Website, 9th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
The Atlantic, 15th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
Fiji Times, 7th August 2018 | 08-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Onine, 4th August 2018 | 08-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 2nd August 2018
The Fiji Barefoot College, which is a solar electrification training centre, has been jointly supported by the Governments of India and Fiji and is the first of its kind in the Pacific.
Construction for the first Barefoot College for Women in the Pacific will start soon once plans have been finalised.
| 08-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 1st August 2018 | 08-Aug-2018
Fiji, 27th July 2018
When the seawall was built, the height was sufficient, now due to climate change, the sea wall is no longer sufficient and we need to raise the height, and we are going to do that.
| 01-Aug-2018
Fiji Times, 28th July 2018 | 01-Aug-2018
Fiji Times, 28th July 2018
THE outcome of Fiji’s Talanoa Dialogue is expected to boost the willpower of countries to keep the increase in global average temperature to well below 1.5 degrees Celsius as agreed in the Paris Agreement.
| 01-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 30th July 2018
The people of Nacula Village in the district of Nacula, Yasawa, extended its mangrove nursery with the planting of more than 180 mangrove seedlings.
This was their contribution to this year’s International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems, commemorated annually on July 26.
| 01-Aug-2018
Fiji Times, 30th July 2018 | 01-Aug-2018
Samoa Observer, 31st July 2018 | 01-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 24th July 2018
Nesbitt Hazelman said the federation had about 500 members and every member is supposed to plant trees in their free time.
| 27-Jul-2018
Pacific Scoop, 24th July 2018
Press Release – New Zealand Government
| 27-Jul-2018