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Scoop World, 27th June 2018 | 26-Jul-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 27th June 2018 | 26-Jul-2018
Asia Pacific Report, 25th June 2018
INTERVIEW: Lars Ursin of 2°C talks to Elisabeth Holland
| 26-Jul-2018
Living on Earth, 23rd June 2018
Nine-year-old Izerman calls his home, the Marshall Islands, "the only place that I would ever live in if I had to choose.”
That line could come from any one of the approximate 25,000 people under the age of 18 who live there.
| 26-Jul-2018
Solomon Star, 22 June 2018
PEOPLE of the Lord Howe atolls in Malaita are calling on the Government through its responsible line ministries to visit them,to see first-hand the effects of the Climate Change to their lives.
| 26-Jul-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 21st June 2018
The first six-monthly report of the COP23 Secretariat was presented to the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament yesterday.
This was between May and October last year. It was based on key activities and expenditure from the COP23 Presidency Trust Fund.
| 26-Jul-2018, 21st June 2018
400 families in the Nanuku and Veidogo informal settlements in Vatuwaqa now have access to reliable and affordable electricity.
| 26-Jul-2018, 19th June 2018
The New Zealand government today pledged to give another NZ$2.5 million in support of Fiji’s presidency at COP 23.
While speaking at the signing of the Funding Memorandum for Fiji’s Presidency of COP 23, the Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says New Zealand has been a good partner for Fiji.
| 25-Jul-2018
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Lowy Institute, 4th June 2018 | 25-Jul-2018
Fiji Times, 4th June 2018
DIGGING drains is not the answer to addressing the flooding problem around the country. Minister for Waterways Dr Mahendra Reddy says flooding, or waterlogging of low-lying areas and overflowing of rivers and creeks were generally associated with excessive rainfall induced runoff which were beyond conveyance capacity of drains and rivers.
| 25-Jul-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 3rd June 2018
Principal Agricultural Officer Paula Tuione has been im­pressed with Korotari vege­table farmers for honestly making use of the Farms-CARE initiative.
| 25-Jul-2018
Relief Web, 2nd June 2018 | 25-Jul-2018