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Shining our spotlight on our Pacific People that work for our Pacific | 10-Feb-2022
Pacific populations have been urged to remain vigilant at all times and take heed of the correct information and warnings from their National Meteorological offices as the region trudges through the remaining months of the | 02-Feb-2022
Students from Yokohama Commercial High School in Japan have learned valuable lessons and insights into the reality of climate change in the Pacific thanks to a webinar on Thursday 18 November 2021. | 09-Dec-2021
As Pacific countries prepare to enter the cyclone season, participants of the 3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable, Deep Dive side event on Disaster | 18-Nov-2021
The People’s Republic of China has continued its support for a resilient Pacific | 18-Nov-2021
Vanuatu has called on world leaders and negotiators at COP26 to prioritise “action over politics, resilience over economic gain, and justice over inequality.” | 16-Nov-2021
As the Pacific emits less than 0.06% of the world’s total | 16-Nov-2021
One of the world’s smallest nations is taking giant steps when it comes to addressing | 16-Nov-2021
The 1.5C limit is non-negotiable for the Pacific | 16-Nov-2021
Headline grabbing announcements in the first week of COP26 was given a reality check this week. | 16-Nov-2021
“I’m speaking to you as a representative of a country under siege from the onslaught of | 16-Nov-2021
COP26 President, Alok Sharma, and the UK Minister of | 16-Nov-2021
It supports the COP as well as the | 16-Nov-2021
World leaders, negotiators and delegates at COP26 should consider a new global financial instrument that recognises | 16-Nov-2021
“Real” Pacific voices shared from three different perspectives was the focus of a special session at COP26 that some may call an armchair discussion, but we in the Pacific, call it a talanoa. | 09-Nov-2021
Pacific poetry giving voice to the loss of our way of life as we know it, our homelands, and our livelihoods to climate change have been heard in the corridors of COP26 through the Mana Moana – Pacific Voices collection. | 09-Nov-2021
As the Pacific awaits the outcomes of the world’s largest climate change conference in Glasgow, Samoa calls for world leaders to act with the same urgency as that applied for the global COVID-19 vaccination programme. | 08-Nov-2021
Palau, in partnership with the Office of the | 05-Nov-2021
In amongst combatting sea level rise, threat to water and | 05-Nov-2021
Tuvalu is sinking with 40 per cent of the atoll nation’s capital, Funafuti, already below sea level at high tide. This reality coupled with rapidly rising sea level has placed Tuvalu’s population under enormous threat, world leaders have been told. | 05-Nov-2021
 Pacific leaders and delegations attending COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, have not travelled half away across the world to watch “the future” of island nations being sacrificed at the “altar of appeasement of the world’s worst emitters.”  | 05-Nov-2021
The Palauan legend of Uab was told to world leaders during the high-level segment of COP26, a boy who grew into a giant that wouldn’t stop growing due to his unruly appetite, depleting all the natural reso | 04-Nov-2021