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The Guardian
PM of Tuvalu said a country ‘starting with capital A’ wanted qualifications made to a communique on climate change and emissions. 
| 10-Sep-2018
The New Daily, 4th September 2018
The Pacific islands have declared climate change their “single greatest threat” and the latest data on carbon emissions show Australia to be a major contributor.
| 07-Sep-2018
Solomon Times Online, 5th September 2018 | 07-Sep-2018
The Guardian
Palau’s climate change coordinator says Australia provides aid to region but on world stage undermines attempts to halt global warming.
| 07-Sep-2018
ABC, 4th September 2018 | 07-Sep-2018
Matangi Tonga Online, 7th September 2018 | 07-Sep-2018
Reuters, 4th September 2018 | 07-Sep-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 2nd September 2018 | 04-Sep-2018
Fiji Times, 1st September 2018 | 04-Sep-2018
Fiji Times, 29th August 2018
THE impact of climate change on the sugarcane sector means that the introduction and implementation of irrigation must be made a priority, says the Fiji Sugar Corporation.
| 04-Sep-2018
SDG Knowledge Hub, 23rd August 2018 | 04-Sep-2018
Clean Technica, 21st August 2018
A new Tesla video titled “Tesla Powerpack in Samoa” offers an uplifting message about the power and promise of renewable energy in the world’s most remote regions. American Samoa has long been dependent on diesel power for electricity generation, but the territory is beginning a transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy independence.
| 03-Sep-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 22nd August 2018
The future for the voivoi plantation is looking bleak – Mikaele Liga
| 31-Aug-2018
Samoa Observer, 22nd August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 21st August 2018
Villagers of Narikoso on Ono island in Kadavu are not sure when they will be relocated. They have raised questions  with the relevant authorities about the timeline of the project.
| 31-Aug-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 20th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018
Cook Island News, 14th August 2018
People on Mauke are baffled after hail fell on the island for the second time this year, on Sunday night.
Their first experience of this unusual weather phenomenon was in June during the daytime, unlike the latest fall, which took place between 8pm and 9pm.
| 31-Aug-2018
RNZ, 17th August 2018
The impact of climate change in American Samoa has been painted graphically by the US Coral Reef Task Force. The Task Force has been holding workshops this week in Pago Pago.
| 31-Aug-2018
Tonga Ministry of Information and Communications Website, 17th August 2018 | 31-Aug-2018