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Samoa Observer, 11th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
SPC Website, 12th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
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Asia Pacific Report, 8th October 2018
Pacific Media Centre Newsdesk
| 18-Oct-2018
ABC, 8th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
Fiji Times, 7th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
SPREP Website, 5th October 2018
The Joint Initiative, Worth €21 Million, Was Launched During Yesterday's One Planet Summit In New York...The EU, France, Australia And New Zealand Have Joined Forces To Make It A Reality.  
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| 18-Oct-2018
RNZ, 8th October 2018
A New Zealand Minister has confirmed his government will assist Tokelau with building up sea walls and other defences against climate change.
| 18-Oct-2018
Fiji Times. 7th October 2018
FROM a distance it looked like a jewel nestled in a majestic harbour, garlanded by the white sandy beaches and the mountainous terrain that make a perfect backdrop on a portrait.
| 18-Oct-2018
Samoa Observer, 5th October 2018
Twenty farmers were taken through a hands-on Training organised by the Samoa Farmers Association (S.F.A.) on Fiber reinforced plastic Biogas Digesters this week at the China Samoa Agricultural Technical Aid Project (C.S.A.T.A.P.) training farm.
| 18-Oct-2018
Relief Web, 5th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 5th October 2018
Waiqele College, the first school to establish a Climate Change Club with the assistance of Fiji National University, has initiated the clean river project.
| 18-Oct-2018
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