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The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric | 25-Oct-2021
The Pacific is likely to experience a rare occurrence of what is called a double dip La Niña in the coming months, | 25-Oct-2021
As the south-west Pacific heads into its tropical cyclone season, and the tropical north Pacific prepare for their dry season, an urgent call | 25-Oct-2021
Eleven Pacific countries and territories and Timor-Leste have benefitted from the continuation of a training programme designed to build capacity and strengthen understanding of | 25-Oct-2021
The media are the ears and eyes of members of the public. | 08-Oct-2021
The Pacific’s collective voice, calling on world leaders to urgently implement the Paris Agreement, will have new-found mana at the UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow, with the announcement of five Political Climate Change Champions.   | 06-Oct-2021
The staff of the Kiribati Meteorological Service are in a better position to warn residents of the remote island of likely natural hazards thanks to the opportunity to imp | 04-Oct-2021
Building a strong Pacific islands negotiations block at the world’s largest | 04-Oct-2021
The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional | 04-Oct-2021
Honourable Prime Minister Fiame Mataafa
Honourable Ministers of the region,
Distinguished High-Level Representatives,
Director General of SPREP
Heads and officials of CROP Agencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen.
| 17-Sep-2021
Representatives of SPREP member countries
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
The Director General of SPREP
Ladies and Gentlemen,
| 17-Sep-2021
Honourable Ministers from around the Pacific today gathered virtually to participate in a ‘Talanoa’ to discuss some of the pertinent key priority issues bearing direct impact on responsive and pragmatic actions for a resilient Blue Pacific.  | 17-Sep-2021
Ms Gladys Habu of Solomon Islands today delivered a plea for hope to Pacific leaders who had gathered for the | 17-Sep-2021
The 30th Meeting of Officials of the | 10-Sep-2021
The achievements of the | 08-Sep-2021
Accelerating Actions for a Resilient Blue Pacific.  | 08-Sep-2021
Strengthening partnerships between the private sector and Pacific National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and identifying emerging technology and innovation in weather, wa | 17-Aug-2021
Our future got much bleaker with the release of the first report in the sixth series from the | 11-Aug-2021
Are you an aspiring Pacific artist or graphic designer? | 06-Aug-2021
The Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC), the specialised subsidiary body of the | 20-Jul-2021