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Ecologist, 18th September 2018
Pacific Islanders are merging their ancestral knowledge with modern technology in an innovative attempt to combat climate change, writes EMILY EARNSHAW.
| 19-Sep-2018
Fiji Times, 15th September 2018 | 17-Sep-2018
Marianas Variety, 14th September 2018
RICHARD Brooks of Lightning Strikes Production in Palau said  one way to mitigate the impact of climate change on Micronesian aquaculture is to have it in protected coastal areas.
| 17-Sep-2018
RNZ, 14th September 2018
Australia's prime minister has affirmed his government's commitment to fighting climate change. Scott Morrison made the commitment to his Solomon Islands counterpart Rick Hou during talks in Canberra.
| 17-Sep-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 13th September 2018
For families in the country mangroves are our lifeline, says Torika Lewaca.
| 14-Sep-2018
Matangi Tonga Online, 12th September 2018
An NZD$30.7 million upgrade to the power distribution network in 55 Tongatapu villages has connected hundreds of households to electricity for the first time and upgraded the connections for thousands more.
Funded by New Zealand under the Tonga Village Network Upgrade Project, concluded on September 5, three months ahead of schedule.
| 14-Sep-2018
Fiji Times, 11th September 2018 | 12-Sep-2018