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Fiji Sun Online, 19th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
Samoa Observer, 19th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
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Strengthening Hydro-meteorological and Early Warning Services in the Pacific
| 22-Oct-2018
Government of Tonga Website, 18th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
WMO Website, 17th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
Pacific Scoop, 17th October 2018
Press Release – FAO
| 22-Oct-2018
RNZ, 15th October 2018
Tuvalu has received a new wave forecasting system to help predict tides and sea surges across its nine atolls. The high resolution modelling system and equipment were handed over to the Tuvalu government by the Pacific Community at a ceremony in Tuvalu this week.
| 22-Oct-2018
Scoop World, 16th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
Scoop World, 16th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
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Pacific Media Centre Newsdesk
| 18-Oct-2018
ABC, 8th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
Fiji Times, 7th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
SPREP Website, 5th October 2018
The Joint Initiative, Worth €21 Million, Was Launched During Yesterday's One Planet Summit In New York...The EU, France, Australia And New Zealand Have Joined Forces To Make It A Reality.  
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| 18-Oct-2018
RNZ, 8th October 2018
A New Zealand Minister has confirmed his government will assist Tokelau with building up sea walls and other defences against climate change.
| 18-Oct-2018
Fiji Times. 7th October 2018
FROM a distance it looked like a jewel nestled in a majestic harbour, garlanded by the white sandy beaches and the mountainous terrain that make a perfect backdrop on a portrait.
| 18-Oct-2018
Samoa Observer, 5th October 2018
Twenty farmers were taken through a hands-on Training organised by the Samoa Farmers Association (S.F.A.) on Fiber reinforced plastic Biogas Digesters this week at the China Samoa Agricultural Technical Aid Project (C.S.A.T.A.P.) training farm.
| 18-Oct-2018
Relief Web, 5th October 2018 | 18-Oct-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 5th October 2018
Waiqele College, the first school to establish a Climate Change Club with the assistance of Fiji National University, has initiated the clean river project.
| 18-Oct-2018